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Who we are

It began as a way to supplement the family income to provide better living conditions for their children, transporting bedding kits from São Paulo to their relatives in Florianópolis, and gradually began to include everything related to the bedroom and sleep.

The guidelines that guided this growth are those cherished by Heloísa and Paulo Veronesi to this day: the quality of the product, which justifies and supports the sincerity in service, culminating in trust relationship with the clients.

These values, which became the company way of being, were inherited not only by the children, Joana and João, but also by the employees, all working to keep alive this tradition of excellence that has always been part of the family trajectory.


As the pepper, which symbolizes protection, stimulates blood circulation and warms the body, we want to provide customers with relief and well-being with the products that we have selected by comfort and quality of life they provide.

We have completed 20 years of operation in Florianópolis, valuing the relationship with our customers and consolidating ourselves as a trusted brand, which works with true information and differentiated products.

Our sleep products have the best quality on the market: we always want the best, so that our customers can feel this differential and leave the store with the pleasure of having made a good deal, knowing that their need has been met.

Come have a coffee in our store and meet our mattresses. We guarantee an experience as welcoming as the comfort of our products.


Offer the best solution for your sleep.


To be a reference of excellence in the bedding and sleep-related products segment.


We believe in respect for human beings, who should have the opportunity to develop healthily and achieve what they wanted for themselves. Therefore, we cherish ethical relationships, based on truth and respect for others.

Honesty:We always act sincerely in all our professional relationships, working with the truth and providing all possible information to our customers.

Selection of the best brands:We count on the trust invested in us by commercial partners and consumers during our long journey of acting with integrity in the mattress and sleep products market, working only with products selected for their quality and high added value.

Innovation:We are always up to date with the newest sleep technologies, updating our product mix according to the trends of technological innovations aimed at good sleep and well-being, including the development of our Exclusive Line.

Quality and Excellence:In order to comply with the truth and the trust placed in us, we only work with the highest quality products, which act positively in the quality of life of the customer and can meet their needs in the most appropriate way.


Humanized service:We strive to do our best to meet the customers needs with real attention, in a welcoming and receptive environment, where it is possible to exchange good experiences and add value to people and their lives.

Differential:All our products have high added value and meet the most diverse sleep needs, all to offer our customers the certainty of being able to sleep better.

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